Bechtel to build and design Taiwan’s largest LNG tanks

Bechtel, CPC Corporation, and MRY broke ground on the project to design and build LNG tanks for the CPC Taichung Phase III LNG import terminal in Taichung, Taiwan.

To meet the increasing demand for natural gas and to enhance the stability of natural gas supplies in Taiwan, CPC is expanding its facility to include two full containment tanks and associated regasification facilities.

Bechtel will execute the engineering, procurement, and construction of two 180,000 m3 full containment LNG tanks, Taiwan’s largest storage tanks ever built.

CPC is leading the way for Taiwan in meeting the country’s clean energy aspirations by rapidly expanding the country’s LNG import terminals to support the move from coal to natural gas as their primary transitional source of energy for the near future.

As the need for LNG continues to grow, Bechtel stands ready to support governments and communities around the world in pursuit of carbon reduction.

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