China steelmaker to build the key part of US Vineyard Wind Project

China steelmaker HBIS has made the first delivery of its 6,907tons of high-end wind power steel to its clients, among them, the order quantity of super-wide steel plate above 3,300mm accounts for more than 50%, to build the key part of US Vineyard Wind Coastal Wind Power Project.

HBIS has increased investment in scientific research and development to explore new technologies and products. In view of the requirement of short delivery time, high technical needs and difficult production organization, it constantly optimize the production process, innovate and add additional points of smelting and rolling, overcome the technical problems of steel plate surface quality volatility and other industrial problems, and ensure that the performance of steel plate is better than customer requirements. In the process of shipping organization, according to the special situation of extremely difficult transportation, research and develop special product shipping plans, arrange time according to the delivery date, and make full efforts to organize and coordinate, so as to ensure that qualified steel plates are delivered to customers as scheduled.

Vineyard Wind project is located on US East Coast with a total capacity of 30GW after its completion.

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