CPC Corporation awards contract to Sulzer Chemtech

CPC Corporation, Taiwan has selected Sulzer Chemtech’s GT-BTX PluS and GT-Aromatization(SM) technologies along with Axens’ Prime-G+ technology, to streamline its oil to petrochemical value chain at its Talin Refinery in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Sulzer Chemtech and Axens’ technologies will help CPC Corporation, Taiwan to achieve its energy transition goals by shifting from gasoline to petrochemical production, with the flexibility to respond to market volatility.
CPC Corporation, Taiwan is undertaking an ambitious modernization project of its Talin Refinery, an integrated refining and petrochemical production complex, to address growing petrochemical market needs. More precisely, the company is implementing key technologies to recover high volumes of valuable aromatic hydrocarbons from RFCC gasoline and other fuels.
Sulzer Chemtech’s licensed GT-BTX PluS and GT-Aromatization extractive distillation technologies will play a critical role in advancing this strategy. They will enable the recovery of high-quality key aromatics, namely benzene, toluene, and xylenes (BTX) from RFCC gasoline, as well as convert C4-C8 olefin-rich non-aromatics into additional aromatics.
The two solutions will offer a processing capacity of 32,000 barrels per day of RFCC gasoline and other aromatics-rich streams. To support the refinery in leveraging a highly effective setup, Sulzer Chemtech will provide the technologies, licenses, basic engineering, critical equipment, solvent, and catalyst, as well as technical services.

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