DNV floating lidar advisory project for wind farms

DNV is providing technical advisory and project management support for the deployment and monitoring of seven Floating Lidar System (FLS) devices for KREDO Offshore, a Korean renewable energy developer. An FLS takes wind measurements from a vertical light detection and ranging device and also collects a range of measurements including met ocean parameters. It has become one of the most common measurement technologies of choice for offshore wind projects due to its cost effective and time-saving benefits.
DNV’s work scope also includes reviewing the supplier track record and contracts, FLS design, and analysing the data measured by the devices. DNV is carrying out regular data checks for the wind measurements, using these and technical data on the wind turbines to predict the wind farm’s net annual energy production. In addition, DNV is offering recommendations to minimize the operational risks for KREDO Offshore to ensure the highest possible quality of the measured dataset.
These measurements and the findings from the FLS will contribute to establishing KREDO Offshore’s business case for their multi-billion dollar wind project. Increasing renewable energy penetration in the energy mix will support the aims of the country’s Green New Deal.
DNV’s deep domain knowledge and expertise in assisting clients at all stages of offshore wind project development and operations helped it win the contract.

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