Stainless Steel World Asia 2022

Stainless Steel World – The Magazine:  Printed & Digital

Stainless Steel World magazine connects a vast global community of people and companies involved in the manufacturer, supply and use of corrosion resistant alloys (CRAs). Widely recognised as the leading international magazine in the industry, it keeps readers and advertisers informed of developments throughout the entire supply chain. Technical articles, case studies, end-user interviews, project reviews, market reports and news, provide essential updates for readers and advertisers.

The magazine is distributed in print and in an innovative, interactive digital format.

Throughout the year the editorial programme has special issues featuring tubes & pipes, cladding, offshore, chemical process industry, welding & fabrication, 13Cr stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys, pulp & paper and duplex stainless steels. In addition to the special focus topic features, every issue also contains articles covering a wide range of subjects to ensure relevance to its diverse readership. Industries covered range from oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical to the architecture, power generation, medical and food and beverage industries.

For further information about contributing to Stainless Steel World magazine, contact the Editor in Chief, Mrs Joanne McIntyre, at or call +31(0)575-585-298.

Inside the Magazine…

NEW Interactive digital format

Stainless Steel World magazine is now available in an interactive digital format, allowing readers to access videos, websites, and advertisers directly. Accessible in a responsive format on phones, computers and tablets, the digital magazine is instantly available 24/7, wherever you may be.

Cover story

The cover story and cover are offered as part of a commercial media package to companies wishing to promote their activities and products to a global audience. Besides featuring in the print and digital magazine, the cover stories receive enormous exposure on the Stainless Steel World website, in email newsletters, and in our social media channels.  One of our experienced editors writes the cover story based on an interview with the company’s relevant person/people.

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Industry & Community Update News

Every day our news department gathers news and press releases from around the world to bring our community the latest developments in the stainless steel industry. Examples of areas covered include new products, projects, contracts, personnel appointments, etc. A dedicated news team researches and edits items to be posted online, in our email newsletters, and in the magazine.

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Technical Articles & Case Studies

Materials experts, engineers and companies involved in the manufacture or use of stainless steels/CRAs are welcome to contact the editor to contribute an original, non-commercial article. These are typically in-depth technical papers written or co-written by operating companies describing commercially viable new technologies and/or case histories of successful applications, backed by data. Topics include tubes & pipes, cladding, offshore, chemical process industry, welding & fabrication, 13Cr stainless steels, titanium, nickel alloys, pulp & paper and duplex stainless steels.

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One-on-One Interviews

Stainless Steel World features interviews with materials specialists, engineers and end-users from around the world. Conducted by the Editor in Chief, the interview covers topics such as CRA problems and what solutions have worked best in their processes. Sharing information in this way with colleagues can be a very effective way of disseminating knowledge to the benefit of all.

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Market Reports

Keeping up to date with developments in the markets and understanding the forces that affect these is important to our readers. Stainless Steel World’s network of experts provides regular reports on a range of topics. These vary from product forms (e.g. the tube, pipe & fittings market), to families of materials (e.g. the market for duplexes) to specific materials (e.g. trends in the global nickel market).

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For further information about all editorial aspects of the magazine, please contact the Editor in Chief, Joanne McIntyre,
via e-mail or call +31 575 585 298