Hyundai E&C selected for Bulgarian nuclear plant project

South Korea-based construction company Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C) has been selected as the preferred bidder for a major nuclear power plant project in Bulgaria.

Hyundai E&C has passed the pre-qualification assessment for the new project, dubbed the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant, and obtained approval from the Bulgarian parliament.

The Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant site is located around 200km north of the capital city, Sofia.

As a preferred bidder, the South Korean company will add two new reactors, each with a capacity of 2,200MW, within the power plant site.

The final contractor selection is expected to take place in April this year, after negotiations with the client, Bulgaria’s Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant-New Builds (KNPP-NB).

Constructed in 1969, the Kozloduy nuclear power plant was Bulgaria’s first nuclear power plant and accounts for one-third of the country’s electricity production.

The power plant’s Units 1 to 4 were closed due to ageing issues, and currently, Units 5 and 6, the pressurized water reactor (PWR) models developed in Russia, are operational.

The newly confirmed Units 7 and 8 are planned to feature the AP1000 model, which is anticipated to begin operations by 2035.

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