JFE Steel acquires EcoLeaf

JFE Steel Corporation has acquired EcoLeaf, the Japan EPD Program by SuMPO, from the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO) in Japan.

EcoLeaf enables customers to quantitatively and objectively evaluate the environmental impact of products based on manufacturer data that has been confirmed fairly and reliably through third-party examinations and verifications.

JFE Steel’s newly certified construction-steel products, which achieve high strength, weldability and cost performance, are widely used in steel structures ranging from houses to high-rise buildings. JFE Steel believes that the EcoLeaf system’s highly transparent disclosure of environmental impact will enable customers to use the company’s products with full confidence.

JFE Steel also supports the efforts of customers to address environmental issues through the LEED certification system, which evaluates the overall environmental performance of buildings.

EcoLeaf is a Type III environmental product declaration (EPD1) managed by the Sustainable Management Promotion Organization (SuMPO). It is used for quantitative disclosure of the environmental impact of products and services over their entire life cycles, from raw material procurement to disposal and recycling. The EcoLeaf label complies with the ISO 14025:2006 standard.

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