KRISO awarded 2 AiP from the Korean Register

Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean engineering (hereinafter KRISO, President Booki, Kim) has taken an important first step in the development of hydrogen-powered eco-friendly ships.

KRISO announced that it was awarded 2 AiPs from the Korean Register (Chairman Hyung-chul Lee) at the AiP (Approval In Principle) awarding ceremony for the ‘400kg 316L/316HN Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Tanks for Ships’ held at the POSCO Center Event Hall.

The AiP awarding ceremony was attended by representatives from KRISO and its partners in the development of the technologies, POSCO Group, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (KSOE), and Hylium Industries, Inc.

The two AiPs were awarded for two different types of 400kg liquid hydrogen fuel tanks for ships, made from different kinds of stainless steel, 316L, and 316HN.

316L is a type of stainless steel that is in current industrial use, which can be immediately applied to the production of liquid hydrogen storage containers which can withstand extreme cold up to –253 ℃. 316HN is a type of stainless steel newly developed by POSCO, engineered to minimize the problem of hydrogen embrittlement occurring in ultra-low temperatures.

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