LRQA and WIT sign MoU to promote quality and safety

LRQA Thailand and the Welding Institute of Thailand (WIT) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their partnership and promote quality and safety in welding practices in Thailand. This MoU aims to foster collaboration between the two organizations, sharing resources, and collaborating on various projects to enhance the welding industry in Thailand. LRQA is a leading provider of quality and safety assessment services, while WIT is a leading institution in Thailand that provides training and certification in welding technology.

The MoU will provide a framework for LRQA and WIT to work together on projects that promote the development of welding technology, as well as to promote awareness and understanding of welding safety, quality, and standards in Thailand. The two organizations will also collaborate to develop and deliver training programs, technical workshops, and seminars, and share information and best practices in welding technology and safety.

This collaboration is a significant step towards promoting quality and safety in the welding industry in Thailand and reflects the commitment of LRQA and WIT to promoting the development and growth of the welding sector. It will benefit the welding industry by providing access to the latest knowledge and expertise, and promoting the adoption of best practices in welding technology and safety, and also benefit both organizations and the wider welding industry.

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