Marubeni to partner with the Philippines

Japan firm Marubeni has reaffirmed its partnership with the Philippines under the administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., with a commitment to the country’s renewable energy, water, and transportation sectors.

This comes after the Filipino leader met with Marubeni executives, led by its chief executive officer, Masumi Kakinoki, in Tokyo, Japan.

“Now, in addition to the traditional generation system, we are very much committed to increasing renewable energy like mini-hydro, solar, and wind project and we are discussing with your country, our local partner to develop such kinds of new facilities,” Kakinoki told Marcos.

The Japanese business leader said the firm has also been leading the charge in “providing water in the communities in the western part of Metropolitan Manila.”

So, we’re very happy to be involved in this project also,” said Kakinoki, who also pledged to step up its partnership with the Philippine government in infrastructure-related business.

Kakinoki thanked Marcos for the solid partnership and the chance to help more Filipinos by providing jobs and business opportunities.

“We are very grateful to have [been] given such an opportunity to be involved in the basic infrastructure of your country,” said Kakinoki.

President Marcos, for his part, noted Marubeni’s “very, very high” profile in the Philippines.

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