Nippon Steel constructs a hot strip mill at Nagoya

Nippon Steel Corporation has decided to establish a new next-generation hot strip mill at the Nagoya Works.

In the automotive industry, demand for high-performance materials is expected to increase further in response to the need for more lightweight and stronger vehicle bodies, as global environmental regulations and collision safety standards are being tightened and social needs to achieve carbon neutrality are increasing.

In response to these needs, Nippon Steel will fundamentally strengthen the production system for high-grade steel sheets, which can also be effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire automobile life cycle from material production through driving.

Specifically, a next-generation hot strip mill will be constructed at the Nagoya Works, the core of automotive steel sheet production.

Through the provision of superior steel materials that outperform other materials by highly achieving lower body weight, improved collision safety, and a high level of greenhouse gas emission reduction, as well as solution proposals such as the next-generation steel car concept NSafeTM-AutoConcept, Nippon Steel is committed to contributing to customers and to realizing a carbon-neutral society.

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