Nippon Steel launches Warranty Program for ZEXEED™

Nippon Steel Corporation (Nippon Steel) announced that it offers a 30-year service life warranty program for ZEXEED™, in relation to perforation caused by corrosion in products that satisfy certain requirements.

ZEXEED™ is a coated steel sheet with superior corrosion resistance that far exceeds that of post-plating, which is commonly used in the civil engineering and social infrastructure sectors. It also exceeds that of Nippon Steel’s conventional high corrosion-resistant coated steel sheets and hot-dip galvanized steel.

Nippon Steel is currently receiving many inquiries about ZEXEED™ from customers interested in using it for their international photovoltaic projects. To achieve carbon offsetting by 2050, many countries are accelerating their transitions to renewable energies, rapidly increasing the number of photovoltaic projects in particular.

In response to this growing need, Nippon Steel will launch the Warranty Program in June 2022 for products with coating adhesion of 300 g/m2 on both sides, based on the company’s conclusion that it is able to offer such a warranty for ZEXEED™.

Nippon Steel will continuously work to extend the service life of infrastructure and promote renewable energies in harsh environments by delivering ZEXEED™ to a wide range of customers.

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