Oryx recycling activities improve Thailand environment

Netherlands-based metals recycling company Oryx Stainless, which also has operations in Thailand, says a study it commissioned shows that increased recycling of stainless steel can make a noticeable contribution to mitigating climate change in Thailand and globally.

The study was conducted by Thai and German scientists on behalf of Oryx Stainless (Thailand) Co. Ltd., along with The Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy IMW from Leipzig, Germany. The effort also was supported by the German Embassy in Thailand.

The study examined the social welfare benefits of recycling stainless steel in Thailand. “For every ton of stainless steel scrap used to produce new stainless steel, 6.71 tons of CO2 are saved compared to the use of primary raw materials,” Oryx says.

Based on the stainless steel scrap handled by Oryx Stainless in Thailand in 2021, used as the reference year in the study, the scientists calculated CO2 savings of 556,000 tons. This approximately corresponds to the annual carbon footprint of the residents of the Muang Chachoengsao district near an Oryx Stainless plant in Thailand.

That emissions tonnage figure also equates to 1.45% of the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from all industrial processes in Thailand in 2021, according to the study.

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