Stainless Steel World Asia 2022

Sister Publications

The Stainless Steel World family of publications stretches around the globe, serving its community of corrosion resistant alloy experts in every region with tailored content and in several languages. Featuring news, industry developments, technical articles, interviews and various forms of cover stories, each publication serves its readers and advertisers with targeted information. Our global team of editors source news and technical content to serve their markets, and can collectively be contacted at

Stainless Steel World News

is a newspaper-format publication serving the global industry with up-to-date market and trading news, industry updates and global innovations. Targeted at the global stainless steel and special metals community, Stainless Steel World News covers the latest market updates, company developments, industry events, products, and projects.

Stainless Steel World Americas

is a newspaper-format distributed throughout North, Central and South America, reaching all major industries, incl. petrochemical and chemical, oil & gas, power generation, and more. It covers regional developments in corrosion resistant alloys applications with news, industry updates, technical updates and interviews.

Stainless Steel World India & Middle East

is focused on the Indian market with primary distribution in India, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and UAE, plus Europe and the USA. This newspaper-format publication serves the region with up-to-date market and trading news, industry updates and technical articles.

Edelstahl Aktuell

is a German-language journal aimed at dealers, manufacturers and users of stainless materials. It is distributed to all German-speaking countries within Europe. This newspaper-format publication focuses on regional developments, news, innovations, and company activities in the region.

Heat Exchanger World

magazine covers all aspects of the product supply chain of heat exchangers beginning from consultancy and design, the choice of materials, material suppliers used to manufacture the basic components for heat exchangers, heat exchanger manufacturers, engineering companies, software suppliers, special solution suppliers, and on through to distributors, end-users, and cleaning and maintenance companies.

Hose & Coupling World

is a global magazine focused on industrial hose and coupling producers, distributors, and users. It covers the latest technological advancements, end user and EPC interviews, technical articles, case studies, industry outlooks, Q&As and more.