PLUS Exploration launches Thailand’s first metal plant

PLUS Exploration Co., Ltd., a company providing integrated technical services in oil & gas, petrochemicals, and power plants, has been operating in Thailand for over 15 years. The company is primarily engaged in distributing catalyst chemicals and process equipment used in oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

The company is led by Mr. Sittichai Talapnak as Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Nadkrita Kulsirithanakorn as Executive Vice President of Communications, Mr. Ekapong Ekalap as Vice President of Project Management, and Ms. Sasiwimol Prasatthong as Vice President of Recycling & Waste Treatment.

They recently participated in a signing ceremony for a joint venture capital agreement with Mr. Shen Xian Hua, General Manager of Hualong Limited, Mr. Su Yang, Director of Symo Development Limited, and Mr. Shen Hanyu Director of H.Y. Resources Technology (HK) Limited. The purpose of the agreement is to establish Thailand’s first base metal production plant from spent catalysts.

Mr. Sittichai Talapnak revealed that he decided to make a significant investment with Chinese investors, who have been business partners for the past decade. The collaborating Chinese partners consist of three companies: Hualong Limited, Symo Development Limited, and H.Y. Resources Technology (HK) Limited. All parties signed a joint venture agreement to establish a base metal production plant from spent catalysts, which are mainly generated from the oil refining and petrochemical industries. The investment in this project is more than Thai bhat 1bn, Mr. Sittichai stated.

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