POSCO resumes blast furnaces of Pohang to normal

POSCO resumed the operation of the no.3, no.4 and no.2 blast furnaces recently, which made all the blast furnaces of Pohang Steelworks return to normal.

POSCO finished about 80% of the draining work for the rolling line. The draining wok for no.1 hot strip mill and no.3 plate mil plant, which need to be operated as a priority, was completed, and the power supply began.

POSCO is running an emergency shipment response team currently to stabilize the supply and demand of steel and minimize the damage to customers. POSCO will also sell its stocks to customers to meet their need for critical materials. Steelmaking: to remove impurities from molten metal produced in a blast furnace. Continuous casting: to make the molten metal into solid-state semi-finished steel. Rolling: to fabricate the steel by applying heat and pressure.

In addition, POSCO strives to ensure safety management by providing training programs about extreme dangers such as electric shock and gas leaks with the resumed operation of its facilities after the flooding.

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