POSCO wins three stainless steel technology awards

POSCO made a groundbreaking achievement by winning three awards in the Technology Category at the World Stainless 27th Conference. The company is the first global steelmaker to win three awards for new technologies.

POSCO garnered Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards in the Technology Category at the 27th World Stainless Conference held in Brussels, Belgium. This is yet another global recognition of their technical prowess, following the Gold Award for the same category at the 26th conference last year.

In the Technology Category, four steelmakers submitted a total of eight nominations, and POSCO won all three awards, including Gold, for its “High-Strength 430 Dual Phase (DP) Stainless Steel for Large-Scaled Premium Home Appliances”; Silver for its “Non-Magnetic and High Strength Austenitic Stainless Steel with 316 High Nitrogen (HN) for Mobile Devices”, and Bronze for its “Development of Low-Cost Brazing Filler Metal for Stainless Steel” for air-conditioning refrigerant piping.

The high-strength 430 DP steel, which won Gold, was developed in cooperation with Samsung Electronics based on original technology from the POSCO R&D Center. It is a highly innovative steel product that has increased its strength by 50% while reducing the material thickness by 20% compared to conventional steel. It has strong properties that can withstand dents and scratches and will be available later this year for exterior use, such as premium refrigerator doors.

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