Primetals Technologies to execute decarbonization study

In August 2023, Primetals Technologies received an order from CSC for a decarbonization study, with a focus on reducing carbon emissions at the Kaohsiung site in Taiwan. The site has an annual crude steel production of around 10 million tons, making it the largest plant in Taiwan.
Primetals Technologies will provide expert consulting, undertake a comprehensive study, and produce a detailed report that outlines recommendations for CSC’s decarbonization strategy. Parts of the study will take a closer look at possible operational enhancements for the BF/BOF route.
Given CSC’s commitment to prioritizing decarbonization, it is actively seeking solutions to curtail CO2 emissions by an impressive 25% by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. As part of this effort, CSC has joined forces with Primetals Technologies, recognizing it as a pivotal partner in this multifaceted journey. A pioneer in environmental innovations within the metals industry, Primetals Technologies has committed to developing green steel technology and to revolutionizing the steel industry.

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