Stainless steel fastener hardening tech wins award

A new innovation that boosts the hardness of stainless steel fasteners has won one of the internationally recognised R&D 100 Awards 2022.

The technology, developed by Taiwan’s MIRDC, was designed to combine the corrosion resistance of stainless steel fasteners with the hardness of carbon steel fasteners (see Torque Magazine issue 66). The ‘Corrosion-Resistant, Surface Hardening System Equipment for Austenite Stainless Steel (CRSH)’ has been applied to construction fastener material Austenitic (300-series) stainless steels, which are highly corrosion resistant and widely used. When treated, the stainless steel fasteners have high levels of hardness and good corrosion resistance.

Through precise production controls and special design, gas is used to treat the stainless-steel surface. The hardness of the stainless steel is enhanced through gas nitriding, carburising, or carbonitriding, which allows the surface hardness to be over HV 1,200. The hardness is far above normal carbon steel and it retains its original corrosion resistance. The process is also able to handle large amounts of complex shapes at one time. Additionally, it can provide a low quantity, high variety customised processing, and is equipped with smart production and systematic service functions.

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