TEKNA receives major titanium powder order for CAD1.7M

Tekna has received a major order from an undisclosed customer in Asia for CAD 1.7M of titanium powder. The first shipment of the material has been completed, and subsequent deliveries will continue until the end of 2023. The Customer will be using the powder in the process of metal injection molding to manufacture sub-components for personal electronic devices on a large scale.

The sub-components manufactured using metal injection molding by the Customer are supplied in the consumer electronics value chain to companies having a global reach. The growth potential for metal injection molding in the consumer electronics industry is significant, as it allows for the creation of smaller and more intricate components that can enhance the performance and functionality of electronic devices.

Metal injection molding is a manufacturing process that involves blending fine metal powders with polymer binder material to create a feedstock that is injected into a mold and later sintered into a desired shape. This process offers several benefits, including the ability to create complex shapes with high precision and an excellent surface finish. It is also a cost-effective alternative to traditional manufacturing methods such as machining or casting.

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