The DevH2forEAF project achieves significant milestone

SMS group is proud to announce that the project “Developing and Enabling H2 Burner Utilization to Produce Liquid Steel in Electric Arc Furnaces (DevH2forEAF), coordinated by RINA, has achieved a significant milestone towards sustainable steel production.

This ground-breaking initiative, funded by the European Union’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel research program under grant agreement number 101034081, focuses on the development of an innovative multi-fuel burner for electric arc furnaces (EAF). The burner is designed to efficiently utilize a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen (up to 100%) and represents a pioneering solution in the steel industry.

The primary goal of DevH2forEAF is to develop a revolutionary SMS burner capable of using hydrogen from 0 to 100%, making it the first of its kind in an EAF. This technology aims to facilitate a complete transition from fossil fuels to hydrogen, contributing to a more sustainable steel production process aligning with industry goals to reduce environmental impact and foster innovation.

The project achieved a crucial milestone with the first recent test conducted at the RINA experimental combustion station in Dalmine, Bergamo (Italy). The test resulted from a complete series of trials, progressively increasing the burner’s power from 1 MW to 3 MW and the H2 fraction from 0 to 100%. This success validates the burner’s ability to operate in varying conditions, marking a significant step toward industrial-scale implementation.

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