TISCO achieves perfect surface finish on SS plates

TISCO modernised the production line in its hot rolling mill for stainless steel plates. As a partner in this challenging project, Rösler built the biggest vertical shotblast machine in the company’s history.
As part of the China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Ltd, the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group Co Ltd (TISCO), is one of the largest suppliers of steel in the world. For a long time the company, located in Taiyuan in the Chinese province of Shanxi, has specialised in the development and production of stainless steel products such as plates and sheets. Since 2020 a huge modernisation project has been underway with the goal of updating the production line in the hot rolling mill for stainless steel plates with ‘state of the art’ equipment, including a new shotblast and pickling line.
Once the project is completed, the entire system will run fully automatically. The technical specifications for the shotblast system, processing steel plates up to 4,100mm long, 160mm thick, and with a maximum weight of 35 tonnes, were very detailed and strict; particularly with regard to the shotblasting results and the workpiece handling. The challenge for the Rösler engineers was to design and build a machine that guarantees a high-quality, high-precision finish in the micrometer range with high throughput. With regard to size and production speed, the new shotblast system dwarfs the equipment that the company has ever previously built.

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