TISCO launches MARK-III stainless steel product

TISCO recently launched the first domestic (liquefied natural gas) carrier/tank film-type enclosure system and passed the French GTT certification, becoming the first domestic and third global supplier with the qualification to solve the “neck” problem of basic materials for LNG shipping and storage in China.

At present, the mainstream advanced direction of the LNG industry is the film type MARK-III carrier and the matching film type land storage tank, which has the characteristics of high safety factor and large storage capacity. It is made of a special austenitic stainless steel cold-rolled plate, which requires harsh requirements on material organization stability, low-temperature mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, plate shape and surface “zero defects”, etc. Production is extremely difficult, and for many years mainstream technology and production qualifications are mastered by foreign companies.

In the face of national demand, as a domestic early involvement in the LNG industry with stainless steel materials, TISCO timely set up a technical research team, after two years of unremitting efforts, break through the film type LNG ship/tank stainless steel ultra-high flatness control, high surface quality control and other key technical bottlenecks, product flatness, surface quality, low temperature performance, and other indicators fully meet the requirements of GTT company, one-step access to The product has been approved by GTT and certified by many foreign classification societies, and has the qualification of supply. The product has successfully replaced imports and provided strong support for the localization of thin film LNG carriers/tanks in China.

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