Twi near net shape advanced manufacturing capability

We are excited to announce the completion of the TWI-funded exploratory project, ‘POWHIPMAT’ which is related to the manufacture of industrial representative demonstrator parts via near net shape powder metallurgy hot isostatic pressing (NNS PM HIP) using super duplex stainless steel and nickel superalloy materials, respectively.

To prove TWI’s NNS PM HIP capability, two medium size demonstrator parts were manufactured representing the oil and gas and space industry sectors.

In particular, for each demonstrator, Dr Raja Khan and Dr Alessandro Sergi developed unique canister designs as well as bespoke filling and outgassing strategies in order to achieve near net shape parts with superior materials properties.

The demonstrators, after a post-HIP machining operation in order to remove the sacrificial canisters, are shown in the images below.

TWI will continue to push the boundaries of PM HIP technology by developing innovative canning design and fabrication methods and using novel materials to manufacture high-end industrial parts in near net-shape form.

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