UPPC to increase capacity in the Philippines

United Pulp and Paper Corp. (UPPC), the Philippines’ manufacturer of industrial-grade paper, is looking at expanding its production capacity and putting up an additional bio-mass-fed power plant. UPPC President and CEO Montri Mahaplerkpong told reporters that the company is looking forward to putting up a new boiler to expand its power capacity to 54 megawatts.

At present, the UPPC manufacturing complex in Bulacan is powered by its own 24-MW cogeneration facility and 130 tonnes per hour state of art circulating fluidized bed boiler utilizing coal, waste paper sludge, and bio-fuels like a corn cob and straw dust. “We are planning to expand a minimum of 30MW and if we have extra we can sell it to the national power grid,” Montri said.

At the same time, the company plans to expand its production capacity to 400,000 tonnes from the current 240,000 tonnes, but this would depend on the market condition. UPPC, a subsidiary of SCG Paper of Thailand, accounts for 25% market share of the local packaging materials sector.

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